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FAQ: Philadelphia Limos


If you are looking for a luxury limo in Philadelphia, you have come to the right place. While you may know that you want a limo for your upcoming event, you may have a question or two about them and what is allowed inside of them, and the like. Before you panic, the team at Philadelphia Limo Rental has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. You will find all of the answers to them. Should you still have a question or two after looking through the questions, we ask that you please call our office at (215) 278-8279.

Which limousine should I choose for my needs?

The limousine that you choose will depend on what your exact needs are and the size of the party. We have vehicles that can seat a small party and vehicles that can house an entire party of 20 people or more. If you need help choosing the right limo, call our office today and one of our team members will help you choose the best match.

Can we eat in the limo?

No. We do not allow food in our Philadelphia limos because it can spill and stain the seats or floor. In addition, the smell of the food tends to linger and can be difficult to eliminate. We ask that you please keep all food out of the limo. However, if you are hungry or would like to stop somewhere to eat, you can inform your driver and he or she will take you to your desired restaurant.

Is smoking allowed in the limo?

No. Smoking is not allowed at any time inside of the limousine. If smoke is detected inside of the limo once your party leaves, you may be charged a one-time cleaning fee.

I need the limo for longer than I expected. Can this be arranged?

Yes. If you need the limo for longer than you initially reserved it for, please call our office right away and we will handle the rest for you. You do not have to worry because your driver will not abandon you at your destination.

Will you provide us with alcohol?

Our Philadelphia limos do not come with alcohol and our drivers will not provide it to you either. If you are 21 or older, you can bring your own alcohol into the limo. We do provide glasses and ice buckets inside of the limousine for your convenience.

One recommendation that we do have is to bring alcohol that is ready to drink. It can be difficult to pour and mix drinks while the vehicle is in motion, so do bear this in mind.

When will my rental time begin?

Your Philadelphia limo rental time will begin when the driver arrives at your chosen destination to pick you up. The rental time will end once your driver has dropped you off at your chosen location.

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